Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 21, 2009

Go Casey

Who wouldn’t be pissed off losing to the Aussies by one goal?

I have absolutely no issue with Silver Ferns captain Casey Williams saying she was just that in a post-match interview on TVNZ on Sunday. Like Sir Edmund Hillary when he “knocked the bastard off” and like No.8 Peter Jones when he said he was buggered after the All Blacks won their first series against the Spring Boks in 1956, Casey Williams was pissed off they let a series win slip out of their fingers. Fair enough.

My mother will hate this post, she used to rank the p word alongside the f word when I was a teenager.

You can watch movies with shocking language at any time of day or night. You can walk down the street and hear it. You can come to my house and hear it any time you like (especially if I’m trying to cook).

Casey’s style of captaincy and her aftermatch interview skills are not a bad reflection on her, the Silver Ferns or NZ. She is still a good role model and a damn good netballer!

She’s tough and she hates losing. Trying is for losers. That’s what she said after one game and it’s so true. At that level it is SO true. Now my Takapau D grade netball team, they are very trying.  Win or lose, it’s all about participation (I don’t really believe that, but I’m singing the tune).

But at Silver Fern level? Trying is for losers. And I’m pissed off we lost to the Aussies by one goal.

To the media and those knocking Casey for saying she is too – get a life.



  1. O K – I still don’t like the p or f words but even I can use them when cross enough!!

  2. I would be extremely disappointed if Casey ever tried to be more diplomatic .

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