Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | July 22, 2009

oh wot a bootiful mawning

Okay, taking the mickey with my spelling, before you think I’m a shocking writer and should be kicked off the bloggersphere.

But it is a beautiful morning – no wind, no frost, no rain… just a gorgeous warm sun shining into my living room. And my new master bedroom!

We have had builders, plumbers and electricians coming out of our ears for the past three months and this morning I am blissfully alone.

Nothing could deter me from my run this morning – shoes on, trackies at the ready when the kids got on the bus and off down the road I went. Sweatshirt off in the first five minutes (wish I could do the same with my calf muscles – one of the problems with having Rivett genes is that my legs are a tad shorter than ideal).

We had a huge netball practice last night – after having the school holidays off the coach decided we needed to reinstate our fitness circuit work. And boy, did we. But I still managed to get out there this morning. Phew.

If you look back through my posts, you will find one on procrastination. Surprisingly for me, it was almost a year ago and on a day exactly like today when I was struggling to get my brain into gear for a feature.

Well the same applies today. I waxed lyrical on Jamie Mackay’s Farming Show on the radio yesterday about all these cool interviews I was doing with the friends and contacts of Tim O’Sullivan, the new National Bank Young Farmer of the Year. I have some awesome quotes and great content to work with.

Now I have to play with it all. And I’m putting it off. He sounds like such an awesome guy while at the same time being your true blue, rugby-playing, farming type of kiwi bloke – I want to do him justice.  So you will have to buy the next issue of Young Country magazine and read it!


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