Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | July 23, 2009

kick up the backside

In no way does what I am about to type condone any physical injuries given to children by their parents. But I’m pretty sure I am in favour of parents being able to discipline their children with a whack on the backside judging by my personal reaction to a story I have just read on the Stuff website.

A Waitara widower kicked his teenage daughter in the backside with steel-capped boots and tweaked her ear when he caught her smoking. He pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of assaulting a child.

The mother died 18 months ago and the man had been struggling to bring three daughters up on his own. He came home to find his 13-year-old daughter smoking after warning what he would do if he caught her.

The lawyer said the man was “endeavouring to discipline his young child and was somewhat aggrieved to find her smoking”.  He said the girl was not injured.

I would like to know if this girl keeps smoking. And if she has been allowed to thumb her nose at her father’s discipline now, imagine what she will be like in the future.

I agree with all the comments from the anti-smacking campaigners about the alternatives to smacking. I make every conscious effort not to smack my own children. But I also know that society has started to go to the pack since today’s youth have no respect for authority.

I pinched ten bucks once from my father’s desk.  Boy did I get the biggest kicks up the backside all the way from the kitchen to my room. He wasn’t wearing steel capped boots  but I remember that occasion as clearly as if it were yesterday.

I was about seven then. I’m 37 now. And I don’t steal.


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