Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 10, 2009

leave the police alone

Just weeks after Senior Constable Snee was murdered on the front door step of someone’s property, another police officer was found guilty of assault because she arrested someone in their driveway.

The officer was doing a traffic stop (Christchurch) when they saw a man stop his car and back up a cul-de-sac and into a property. She approached him in his driveway to check his identification. When he would not give his details, she handcuffed him and arrested him.

But, as the driveway was a private area and police can enter private property only if an officer suspects the driver has failed to stop when required or has committed an offence and there has been a fresh pursuit.

Cops shouldn’t be allowed to wander around arresting people willy nilly but why didn’t he just give his details? End of issue.

I am seriously on the officer’s side (even if she did over react – he should have just told her what she wanted to hear!) She has now left the force ( described her as a former ChCh police constable but didn’t say when or why she had left) which is another stretch on the already-too-thin-blue line.

The worst thing I have ever done to a police officer is make a nasty face at their back as they walk to their car to write me a ticket – just the once, deserved and witnessed by my children so I have to re-live it frequently (getting the ticket, not making the face!) 

Give police more powers, not less. If they need more powers to protect my friends and family from baddies then so be it. Taser the buggers.



  1. Very interesting… thanks.

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