Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 9, 2009

1mm is not a drought breaker

Last night’s forecast rain never eventuated. My clothesline is full of clothes to tempt the rain clouds to Takapau.

The rain gauge had a whole 1mm in it this morning and the gauge itself was brought into the kitchen to have the cobwebs washed out of it.

The TV weather slot glistened with little rain clouds across the country, but they’re obviously skirting us.

Three friends across the country texted me (text me? texted me? hell, I’m the writer here) to say they had rain, but alas, did not receive the same reply.

Gosh this is a bit melodramatic today isn’t it.

Number one on the job list has been ticked off. The office is still a bomb site but you get that. Each pile of paper and bits&pieces has its own home – and believe it or not, dear hubby, I DO KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS!!!

Right. Number two on the list. I can’t wait to find the time to download my photos from the holiday and tell you a bit about where we went and what we did.



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