Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 8, 2009

those poor Aussies… and others

Tears have welled up in my eyes and a lump formed in my throat so many times in the past 48 hours.

Those poor people in Victoria, Australia, who have lost everything. Many of them have paid the ultimate price for not leaving soon enough or not being quick enough to escape the wrath of a fast-moving and deadly fire front.

And a special mention to the people being flooded in northern Queensland, their plight is being somewhat overlooked as disaster hits at the other end of the spectrum.

Last night’s David Doherty documentary on TV1 played with the emotions too. Boy do you feel for that guy. Wrongly imprisoned for three years for the abduction and rape of an 11-year-old girl when all along his DNA did not match the profile of the offender. Horacio, Mac and Grissom would never let that happen (if you’re a CSI fan like me) and to think one of the guys who befriended him in prison was the real culprit. He missed the last years of his father’s life (who never saw him released) and the early years of his son.

My hat goes off to Donna Chisholm, the reporter, and the actress who played her (must look that one up). And Peter Ellis is one of my favourite NZ actors. Well done. And, it was great the way they took the last paper headline (NOT GUILTY after the retrial) and morphed it from the TV one into the real one featuring a photo of the real David Doherty.

So, you will have guessed by now (if you’ve read some of my previous entries) that my computer is back!

Standing at my car on Thursday afternoon after being told by Noel Leemings that it still wasn’t there despite being dispatched from “the people” on Tuesday morning, I decided to vent my anger. I was far too mad to drive away and road rage would not look good on the CV.

So in I marched to speak to the manager to say enough was enough and I had had enough and they weren’t doing enough. He was great (or a very good actor – Noel Leemings customer service trainers pat yourselves on the back).

HOWEVER, I was torn between wanting to smack him in the chops and declaring my love for him when he walked back into the showroom holding my laptop. The stupid stupid stupid chicks who had gone to look for it that morning and again that afternoon had either been looking in the wrong place or the machine itself had been placed on the wrong shelf. UNBELIEVABLE! But at least I have my baby back and my RSI can assert itself with avengence.

Long live the laptop.


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