Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 19, 2008

skinny white kid does the haka

My children are performing in the Maori performing arts festival in Takapau on Wednesday. It’s called Ngati Whai.

It should be good – Lachlan is a skinny white kid and Sarah is a freckled red head. They won’t stand out at all! 🙂

They have been practisingtheir songs and actions for several weeks now and I’m looking forward to seeing them in action. About half the school is participating. As for me, I’ll be on the BBQ. The PTA (alongside the hosting Kura Kaupapa) is doing the catering. We have 300 sausages and 300 pattie sandwiches to cook, about seven dozen juices and a couple of dozen bags of mini chocolate bars. I have also been collecting volunteers for chopping onions and making coleslaw. Hope the sun is shining (but not too harshly!)

Our school starts the day with Jump Jam – i was lucky enough to see the three junior classrooms doing it this morning (S&L included). This is a series of songs and actions they do every morning to get themselves going (and it’s good for the teachers too!)

doing Jump Jam at school in the sunshine

doing Jump Jam at school in the sunshine

It was wonderful to see the kids (the rhythmic ones as well as the not-so-rhythmic ones like Lachlan – with dancing feet like his father) smiling and moving in the sunshine.

We biked to school today. We waved the bus on at 8.25am and biked the 4km to school (downhill on the way there). I have an appointment in Takapau at 2pm so I will be able to bike there in order to cycle home with the kids again. 

it’s a bit breezy at the moment – hope it settles by this afternoon!



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