Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 25, 2008

Sun, singing and sausages

Wednesday dawned sunny and hot in Central Hawke’s Bay. Good for a performing arts festival, not so good when you’re standing at a barbecue for four hours.
Fortunately I had just been regaling the other helpers about my previous unsuccessful exploits on the BBQ at home and they had relieved me of cooking duties! Not sure the money collector was such a good idea either though!
Being from the deep south, watching Maori performances is always a cultural shock for me and I love it.
Sarah at Ngati Whai

Sarah at Ngati Whai

some of the girls at Ngati Whai
some of the girls at Ngati Whai

 And the boys’ haka was fanastic. Most inspirational. But I cant show you photos because I videoed it instead and that won’t download onto this site. Hate that.

That’s all for today. I came off my bike yesterday and am sporting a sizeable gash in my right calf muscle. Hate that too. At least it gets me out of planting my spuds. Maybe.


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