Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 9, 2008

Father’s Day

Father’s Day has been and gone – the father in our house is probably pleased about that.

On one hand he won a spectacular game of golf the day before against two of the best players in the club (winning my just four&two despite the other players having to give them 28 shots due to handicaps). On the other hand, he celebrated by his notoriously social partner by buying a bottle of rum and gatecrashing our netball breakup!

This meant some great entertainment for the girls but massive hangover for Thomas in the morning!

He might have enjoyed going out on to the golf course to try out his new golf bag. But he didn’t. I might have encouraged him, but I didn’t. I had a good night too.

The children also bought their father a shag bag. Now before you collapse giggling onto the floor (or slap me for being an irresponsible mother) a shag bag is a ball-picker-upper-thingie. You push the tube down on the ball on the ground and it picks it up. Not lazy when you’re picking up 50 balls you’ve just hit out into the paddock. Why it’s called a shag bag I’ll never know.

It can’t actually be used out in the paddock yet. The grass is so long you almost have to stand on them to see them! It will be a different story in a few weeks when the calves get out there.

Friendship Day golf was held at Waipukurau (golf) last Friday.At least, friendship might have been the order of the day if we could see each other under the Niagara Falls coming off our umbrellas. Only 10 stablefords for the first nine holes – I was very pleased to see the Club Captain venture onto the fairway to say it was all over and the kettle was on. Even more pleased when my playing partner sunk a great chip from off the green that would have netted her three stablefords – should the hole have been counted!

So, I am still enjoying my golf. There are a great bunch of ladies at Takapau Golf Club and even though my golf leaves a bit to be desired, the long walk chasing the little white ball can’t do me any harm.

(Footnote: special thoughts for my Dad Graeme and Thomas’ Dad Murray who are no longer with us.)


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