Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 4, 2008

Treasure hunts

The most awesome treasure hunts happen at our house.

Sometimes there is treasure involved but more often than not, it’s all in the thrill of the chase.

Trade Me has done quite well out of my book purchases in the past few weeks. But yesterday instead of just giving them one each of the latest lot to arrive, they wanted a treasure hunt (they’re eight and six). So out they go to the trampoline to keep themselves busy while I write up some clues. Walking around the house looking for clues isn’t as easy as it sounds but once you get going… this gets very hot (fire), this gets very cold (fridge), What’s the time Mr Wolf? (dad’s alarm clock), Who Wants to be a Millionaire (TV), let’s go to a construction site (Lachlan’s Bob the Builder hard hat)… you get the drift. They rush from one clue to another until they find the books (then I get half an hour’s peace while they read them!)

It was Dad’s turn when he got home from work. The kids had been busy in the yard with clues like moo moo for the cattle yards, oink oink for the pig sty and chop chop for the wood shed. He had to run too otherwise they were threatening to beat him to each clue!

They’ve been promised an outside one today – I better hurry up as they’re due home in an hour (and I still have washing to hang out – yes, sunny again.)

Tennis aerobics kept me busy this morning. No sooner is netball over than another sport begins (I do work a lot too you know – I’m just in between deadlines this week!) This tennis aerobics involves some warm ups and then drills or games keeping you moving all the time. Yes, it got a sweat up although a slip-over on the astro twisted a knee and threatened to end my season before it had begun, which wouldn’t be fair as I had to sit out the start of the netball season after spraining an ankle at the first practice!

Because of golf on Wednesdays, I’m only a fill-in for when someone’s away as even numbers are needed to make the drills work properly. It was extremely enjoyable so I’m pleased they need me next week too.

Social tennis in Takapau starts in another month (with daylight saving). Can’t wait. Every Thursday at 6pm between 30-60 people turn up to 11 courts (three astro) to have a game. The organisers try to match everyone up fairly so you’re not getting shown up too badly by young whippersnappers or vice versa (not that the latter applies to me!)

As mentioned yesterday, my netball team’s breakup is this weekend with the club prizegiving the following weekend after we host a memorial tournament in Takapau. The theme of the club party is T for the B team (for Takapau) and N for the A team (for Netball).

Any ideas for T?  Tart, trollop, trolleyed and try-hard have all been suggested…

What about tooth fairy? Can any grown woman bigger than size 8 really pass it off?


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