Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 2, 2008

Spring has sprung

The solar panel is finally making its own way in the world.

At least three degrees of heat were added to the water cylinder yesterday and the same the day before. Bring on summer! 

Well, let’s not get carried away but it’s funny how since Sunday, the last day of August, it has been sunny and warm. This time last week I was worried about the ever-dwindling pile of firewood in the shed. Sunday I was chopping firewood with the school PTA to deliver to a few people who were also running drastically short and we haven’t lit the fire since.

Murphy’s Law. I’d like to meet Murphy one day. He’s very annoying.

I even cleaned the barbecue yesterday. I thought Murphy would magically empty the gas cylinder for me, but as we were having spag bog he didn’t get the chance! (Note to self: check the gas cylinder before chops defrost.)

Now the mornings are much more pleasant, I’m able to take a coffee to the bus stop to drink it, not just to keep frostbite away from my fingers. However, now the neighbours have moved away (see last post) I’m only out there for five minutes. How can the problems of the world by solved if Toni and I don’t spend our quarter hour talking about them? I felt like the little slugs on the animated movie Flushed Away (DVD borrowed from those very neighbours) singing “I’m so lonely….” as I wandered up the driveway after the bus had been this morning – half full cup of coffee still in hand.

Feel sorry for me? No? Oh well, you go back to work and I’ll go put my golf clubs in the car. It’s Wednesday, work is up to date and it’s not raining.

There’s always housework. In the words of Mr Tui, Yeah Right. My netball team breakup is being held here this weekend (how many wines did it take me to offer to host it? Too many but we had just gone through the whole season unbeaten. I think there’s a separate blog in that!) 

Ten couples and several toddlers with portacots in tow will be making their way here on Saturday afternoon (no darkness to hide my lack of gardening skills) including the people we bought the house from. I don’t know which makes me more nervous – welcoming nine couples into my home for the first time or watching the Taylors (no relation) look at everything through we’ve-lived-here-before eyes (they’re nice people really!)

Mother-in-law told me to focus on the positive. Tell them about the plans for the extension as they notice mould formations in the bathroom; tell them about the new vege garden in the farm driveway as they notice the dramatic this-is-a-hazard-to-biosecurity weed sculpture where a shubbery used to be; etc etc etc.

At least I can’t kill daffodils (touch wood). They come up every year without help from me. Thank you Mother Nature.

PTA bought a kowhai tree to give to a recently-retired treasurer – roll on Friday so I can get out of the responsibility of looking after it. One member had to buy tree #2 after her pigs got out and has given it to me for safe keeping. Has she no idea how dangerous that is?! Not only frost, lambs, erratic reversing and kids bikes – but my bright orange mitts with pink and purple stripes (not a green thumb in sight, if you missed that one). I’m convinced we’ll be on tree #3 before we actually get it to the intended recipient.

Righto. Spring has sprung. The lambs and calves have been fed, another half dozen eggs are sitting in the hen house, the grass is growing lush and green and the daffodils are swaying in the breeze – I’m off to golf.


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