Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 6, 2013

On the Junket #2

Here I am in Wairoa, finally made the internet work (surprising, I think the 1970s decor in the motel might have put it off) and am doing a spot of news hunting, emailing, facebooking and blogging.

Better than Auckland though – last month 15 minutes cost me nigh on 20 bucks – here I get 50MB for as long as it lasts! (which considering I can’t link most of the time, it should last the entire time I am here).

Interested to see who has been goggling “kate taylor rural blogger” since I was on the Farming Show on the radio the other day, but get more from connecting to Facebook and having things to comment on that Homepaddock finds interesting!! Thanks Ele. And those searching for Keri Young, Tapanui, good luck (she’s one of my big sisters and I have only mentioned her a few times!)

Time to go and watch my seven channels. I miss My Sky. I missed something going to the loo before and I actually did reach for the remote to rewind!!


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