Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 4, 2013

Well done Kereru Station

Normally there are hundreds of red four wheelers traversing the countryside at a Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the year field day , but this year we would have needed a couple of days to get around the magnificent Kereru Station.

Kereru Station’s managers Danny and Robyn Angland  have now been added to the list of who’s who in Hawke’s Bay farming circles (the station is owned by two charitable trusts).

It is a 2842ha property (2114ha effective) with six staff, 15,385 sheep and 1586 cattle.

As promised – here are some photos 🙂

FOY view talking

Danny talking on the left

FOY crowd ANZ man wide

captive audience…

FOY dogs


FOY road stop2

another stop

FOY sheep2

Kereru Station some of the sheep on show

FOY Thomas

Best Ravensdown account manager in the country on the right….

FOY utes sheep

line up of utes see more sheep on the way around the property

FOY view crowd

great view for lots of utes (and us)

I have tried to make those panoramic ones bigger…. but…. technology is against me tonight!

I also have to say a big “YUM!” for the Silver Fern Farms produce eaten at the end of the field day…



  1. Keep em coming Riv, love reading your blog!

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  3. I worked on kereru when John Watson was manager and Frank Brady(later manager of olrig stn )was head shepherd
    I live in Australia and plan to visit again b4 i fall off the perch
    My daughter sent me the book

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