Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 28, 2013

Smedley field day AWESOME!

We hosted the East Coast Ballance Farm Environment Awards field day on Smedley Station and Cadet Training farm in Central HB yesterday.

It was a great day hosted by East Coast supreme winners Terry and Judy Walters, apart from the fact it wasn’t postponed due to rain (which obviously we would have been pleased about).

My Mum is here to stay for a few days so I am not wasting time with her by typing lots of words, so I will let the photos  talk for themselves…  🙂

(All photos copyright Kate Taylor – please do not copy without permission.)

Smedley trig6

Smedley trig5

Smedley damsite people2

Smedley damsite cadets9

Smedley cattle cadets

Smedley cattle cadets3

Smedley airstrip Terry5

Smedley airstrip 6

Smedley airstrip cadets3

Smedley 2nd Flat crowd

More photos here




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