Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 14, 2013

Drought bites

It’s getting worse.

I have been holding off writing about the drought, but now I want to tempt the rain. It’s like watering the garden and then it rains. Only this time it’s not. And it’s not. And it’s not.

We are so lucky we are only on a lifestyle block. The pet sheep and calfie are not impressed by the dry, but they will survive, as will we with off-“farm” income.  Husband talks to farmers on a daily basis and he will soon be adding counsellor to his CV.

It is so hard and so personal.

I was going to put some photos on here that I took yesterday but it’s not letting me right now….. so here’s a link instead of some local kids telling TV3 what impact the drought is having on their farms (Sam and Maggie are the same age as my two and are neighbours to some good friends of ours as well). It is dry.

HB drought on TV3




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