Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | July 25, 2012

and the rain continues

It’s still raining. I’m not sure how much we’ve had, in millimetres, but I can tell you the ground is no longer a sponge but a large bowl ready to collect everything the sky throws at it.

The kids and I had a wander around the farm (lol it’s a lifestyle block, but still, technically, a farm!!) yesterday to look at the swollen creek, jump in the puddles and make sure all our lovely ewes were happy and dandy. Wet, but happy and dandy they were.  Hootie Hooves (naming animals is not my responsibility) had a plaintive baa for a while but was a bit happier when we walked a couple of her paddock mates around the fence from the creek back into open paddock.

The chooks are muddy underfoot and I imagine will appreciate being let out early today to forage,  the two wee pigs are still in the sty because I can just imagine what they would do to their paddock (the big pig is now in the freezer… mmm) and we have increased the number of arm loads of balage over the fence to the cattle as they now have nothing else to eat in their paddock (unless they are partial to mud).

Today I am tidying the office.  Ticking the boxes, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, emptying the rubbish bin and putting things where they should be instead of just moving them out of the road (my wireless mouse is under there somewhere!)

And a coffee awaits at my neighbour’s house whose family has just returned from a term of travelling in the UK and Europe. My week in Fiji pales in comparison (but still very grateful, thanks Mum!!)

Right, my concerted half an hour’s effort in the office has turned into a rushed 15 minutes if I want to enjoy my coffee.







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