Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | July 24, 2012

Rain on the plain

From our regional council this morning:

Rivers Running Normally

Despite the heavy rain in parts of the region, Hawke’s Bay rivers are running normally.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council staff have been monitoring rainfall and river levels over the last 48 hours.

The level of the Clive River/Karamu Stream is higher than normal but the river mouth is open and HBRC staff have checked it this morning.

People can check live river level data for themselves on HBRC’s website, look under Environmental Data on the home page.

The drainage system is also operating normally, with only a few blockages needing to be cleared.

The forecast is for the wet weather to continue through the week, with a heavy rain warning being issued forecasting brief heavy rain likely during Wednesday with cooler southerlies. 

HBRC advises people to take care around the rivers as water levels can rise quickly and unexpectedly due to heavier periods of rain in other parts of each catchment.  Also people should take extra care driving in wet conditions.

Having just driven back from Waipukurau (yummy, picking up fresh pork from our butcher – crap, it’s still in the boot…) I can echo those sentiments – drive to the conditions people and for goodness sake, turn your lights on!!


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