Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | June 22, 2012

Book the boy racers

If boy racers are planning a “big boy racer car cruze” from Porirua to Wellington tonight for Daniel Briant, whose car was the first to be crushed under new boy racer legislation, I say keep a very close eye on them.

Police crushed the 19-year old’s Nissan Laurel yesterday.

And the boy racers aren’t too happy – saying the action sparked an outcry on Facebook. Who cares?

About the boy racers? Not me. About Mr Briant? Not me. About safe cars on the roads? Me. About respect for authority? Me.

According to, police revealed Briant was caught doing multiple burnouts in the middle of State Highway 1 near Paraparaumu in front of an off-duty police officer and children. Less than three hours after receiving his third strike from Porirua District Court, he was back behind the wheel, performing a burnout.

I say pull them all over and check their warrants. I read somewhere today about a car being in an accident recently that had been modified just hours before with the back seat replacing the front seat and a hole cut in the floor (or the seat) for the gear stick.


Cars on the open road are weapons in the wrong hands, not toys.




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