Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | May 2, 2012

What would you do with a few million bucks?

Would you quit your day job if you won $26.5 million?

Would I? In a heartbeat. Writing is my passion but I would love to not worry about getting paid for it. Penning a novel would be first on my list… and you know what… it wouldn’t matter if no-one published it! What am I saying? I would publish it. Who would buy it? Doesn’t matter!(My Mum would).

So Trev from Te Kauwhata is no longer working at the local supermarket. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

He was probably genuine when he said he wanted to keep working there because he loved it, but hey, when your phone number is smaller than your bank balance (hehe I love that, his words though, not mine) you can’t expect to continue living life like you did yesterday.

Here’s a story from the Stuff website about Trev not having been back to work since the big win. He’s bought a car, he’s bought his mum a car and no-one knows where he is (well, at least the town of Te Kauwhata isn’t telling).

I’ve given away my secrets. If the big lotto win ever comes my way, everyone will know it was me.  My family and community will be so flush!

Shiny new cars will suddenly appear at my sisters’ houses.  One will open her farm bank account to discover the mortgage is gone. Another will have some land to add to the five acres they’ve just bought, another will get the luxury cruise around the world she’s dreamed of.

My tennis club will have all astro courts…  flood lit! The school will have a new bus, new books, new … well, you name it, the list goes on.

But it’s all a dream isn’t it.  But I am in with a chance. I do buy the occasional ticket (not like the joke about the girl who keeps praying to win lotto, over and over she prays, until one day there’s a clap of thunder right next to her ear and a voice says “can you at least buy a bloody ticket!!”)

Right now, I would welcome winning $10 on an Instant Kiwi. It wouldn’t allow me to quit my day job but it would make me smile.









  1. I’d buy your book too:)

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