Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | May 2, 2012

Anzac Day in Takapau

Anzac Day dawns in Takapau just like every other NZ town – no matter the weather, we’re there with poppies, kids in uniforms, to remember why we have our freedom.  War isn’t confined to history books – it’s all around us today – but our casualties and sacrifices don’t seem to compare to what our countrymen went through in the two world wars.

I love this quote by Jim Hopkins, which I found on a fellow blogger’s site (thanks Ele).

. . . If honour and duty and service and responsibility and courage and unity were values championed every day, this would be a happier, more harmonious and stronger nation.

Rediscovering that language is not just an opportunity for the leaders of our main political parties, it’s an obligation.

If we want a new focus, it’s easily found. The values of Anzac Day are there, waiting. We just need to be brave enough to rediscover them. Age does not weary those values – it’s the rest of the year that condemns us.  Jim Hopkins

Here are some photos from the service at Takapau, with special thanks to Takapau RSA president Andy Kells for his continuing efforts.


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