Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 13, 2011

Thumbs up Linda Burke

A South African couple promised “splendid” views of the bustling Eastbourne
pier from the Majestic Hotel couldn’t understand why it wasn’t on their GPS –
until they realised they were about 19,000 kilometres off track.

I loved this story on this morning.

The man booked into the right hotel, just in the wrong country!

They were looking for the Majestic Hotel in Eastbourne, England, for last Friday and Saturday
night, but were looking for it in Eastbourne, Wellington!

Why do you suppose there was no Royal Parade registering on their GPS system? When they pulled in to Eastbourne pharmacy on Rimu St to ask for directions, employee Linda Burke had some bad news.

And this is where Stuff found the story that makes you smile. Linda apparently offered to put them up in her home for the night and took them to the local RSA for beers and dinner, where they watched the New Zealand v Tonga match and basically had the mickey taken out of them (in the nicest possible way lol).

According to the story, Ms Burke has shrugged off her generosity, saying that’s what kiwis do.

Having done a bit of travelling, like Ms Burke, I also believe a little generosity like that certainly goes a long way.

Well done Linda. Thumbs up.



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