Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 12, 2011

Tragedy. 9/11 and closer to home

Last night was spent in dreams about the twin towers coming down. Monday is our library day and I had visions of us cowering behind rows and rows of books while the towers came crashing down around our building (we go to the library in Waipawa, which, of course, doesn’t have any multi-story buildings, let alone hundreds of floors).

I did “enjoy” (not the right word, maybe appreciate) last night’s Sunday documentary about the day the planes flew into the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the ground (as opposed to Capitol Hill or The White House).

It does not seem like 10 years since the day my husband woke me up at some ungodly hour of the morning to say “something big is happening somewhere, Paul Holmes is already on the radio and it’s only 5am”. Something big indeed. We proceeded to watch Sky News/Fox/CNN coverage all day – the fire billowing from the two stricken towers and the volanco-like billowing of the dust and debris as the towers came down.


I remember shooting out to do an interview with someone at an office building. But there was no-one at reception. They were all crowded around the TV in the staffroom.

But today, not taking anything away from the 2000+ who lost their lives that day, I wish to spend a moment thinking about the poor dad who ran over his two-year-old with a tractor at the weekend.

According to Stuff, the accident happened on a farm near Rerewhakaaitu, about 40km south-east of Rotorua, at 11.30am yesterday.

Senior Sergeant Dennis Murphy said the tractor driver was loading silage with his son sitting to his left. “The boy fell from the tractor on to the ground and was run over. CPR was undertaken by members of the public but was unsuccessful.”

That poor boy. That poor dad.

No lessons to be learnt right now.  That poor boy. That poor dad.



  1. That is a tragedy.

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