Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | May 17, 2011

beefed out

I left the Beef Expo almost six hours ago and my ears are still ringing.

BID! BID! HUH $$$ BID! HUH $$$ BID!  You know even after listening to them all day, I can’t actually type exactly what it was they say. Time to close up shop for the night.

Some good pics and interviews though. Busy busy. More tomorrow….

It's a busy time at Beef Expo when you're not in the show ring

Well tomorrow’s here and I am writing up the stories and results from the Beef Expo for a Dominion Post feature next week.

I learnt one valuable lesson yesterday – sitting at a bull sale is like talking to Southlanders (or Central Hawke’s Bay’ians) – everyone is related.  I must have made the right oohing and aahing noises at the time (and got up to take a photo) as the owner of one champion bull was sitting next to me. The sister of an underbidder for another animal was on the other side at that time.

I was trying not to cough or scratch my nose in the Charolais and Hereford auctions because alot of bids seemed to be coming from around me (it’s easier to take photos, there’s no confusion about your purpose then, but it means I am closer to the speakers i.e. hearing problems as mentioned above!)

Shorthorn bull Tahuna Prime

Good to catch up with Mt Mable’s Megan and Kevin Friel, who were pipped at the post by $1000 for the top price last year ($20,000 bull sold to Gisborne’s Turihaua stud). This year it looked like Turihaua would scoop the pool itself with two sales of $20,000 to Blue Mountain Angus in my home district of West Otago and $21,000 to DS Giddings. But along came Ranui W Infinity, which sold for a massive $28,000.

Here's a black bull for you - Angus Fossil Creek Xtravert of Oamaru sold for $18,000 to T Hammond and Maungaraki Cattle.

Here’s a link to my Farming Show interview yesterday too.

Right – time to get writing real work again!  No golf for me today 😦



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