Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 11, 2010

I will miss you Paul Henry

Dear Paul,

Like thousands of others, I am dreadfully disappointed to hear of your resignation from Breakfast. I have to admit, I thought you were a little Auckland twat when you first started and loved to say I didn’t like you, but I do, I really do. I love the way you’re not PC and while some say you say what people are thinking, I am one of the people who you mindread on a daily basis (not on everything, I might add!)

Your interviewing skills were shite compared to Pippa’s but you were very entertaining.

I also love your mum and the way you talk about your daughter Bella.  Your whistling giggle. Your sideways glances off camera. Your intense hatred for motorhomes…. etc etc etc.

You were wrong with your comment about the Governor-General but stupid doesn’t mean racist. Misguided and very stupid. And very, very wrong.  

Three years ago I said “who is he?” about our queen’s representative. That has nothing to do with him being Indian.

It reminds me of hearing Meng Foon speak for the first time. He’s mayor of Gisborne – Chinese by race but fourth generation NZer. He speaks fluent Maori and sounds as kiwi as I do, a sixth generation NZer. But then my step-sister-in-law is Chinese and she’s only been here two years and sounds as Chinese as they come!

Paul – if I met someone with the name Dikshit I would laugh too. Names like Longbottom make me laugh too – especially if it also related to the shape of their bottom – it’s not racist, it’s funny. Disrespectful – yes. Racist – no.

See what Aussies had to say about how to say Mrs Dikshit’s name – including an interview with the woman herself!

I do relate to your comment (I believe it came from you) that you have no desire to be a lightning rod for racial disharmony in this country.  You will be missed in the mornings in the Taylor household, but I will not be boycotting Breakfast as I also enjoy Pippa, Corin, Peter and the rest of the crew.

I look forward to seeing you in your next endeavour.



  1. See what roarprawn has to say on this…

    “Sure Henry deserved some punishment and we thought a couple of weeks off air was about right.He was being a bit of a dickhead. But as we have said before, being a dickhead is part of his charm.”

  2. Oh my god, you people still don’t get it. It is not that he made fun of the name “dikshit”, it is that he said it was appropriate bcos she is indian too! That’s what irks me.
    I agree with freedom of speech and democracy, but he has gone too far with his comments.
    Racist? No, I don’t think so.
    Immature, boyish? Yes, definitely.
    Likeable by many kiwis? Yes. But, why? Bcos they all say he speaks the truth. Look I don’t mind him saying this over some backyard conversation with a few drinks on a Saturday evening, but this is not something that should be said on live national TV.
    Should he resign? Yes, not just bcos of this comment, but also bcos of his moustache gate comment and other ridiculous stuff he has mentioned. Going by the trend of stuff he has said, it is obvious he is going to be in more heat later on too. And to avoid such future embarrassment, it is right he has resigned.

    One more comment to all you kiwis. Look, we are not trying to beat you down and control what you are saying. I know the kiwi way of life and how you like to very open and free. By bringing to the fore the absolutely ridiculous comments that PH has made, we are not trying to be politically correct or something. I think you have picked on a wrong issue to highlight why so many kiwis hate PC.

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