Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 24, 2010

Hello from the library!

Libraries are a place of solitude and reflection. A strict old matron in the corner saying “ssssssh” every five minutes. Not in Waipukurau.

The lady on the front desk has a very cool shirt on and I might just ask her where she bought it when I check out my books.

Plus, the typing on the six computers in the corner is so annoying… something I am contributing to of course.

A man with heavy breathing has come to my right and a young girl, who should be in school, is on my left.

I’ve just scrolled up on the screen so they can’t see what I’m writing! Ah, but the germs on these things. I’ve just seen the girl next to me sneeze all over the monitor, wipe her nose with her hand and keep on typing. Joy.

I’m no prissy when it comes to washing hands but I might have to go to the ladies before I leave here.

And these girls are all talking about being on Bebo. They’re, like, 12, you know?  Be quiet!

So anyway, I am killing time while I wait for my car to come back from the garage. Hopefully with a warrant attached to the windscreen. It is a 1996 Honda Accord (holy the girl to my left has just asked me how to spell star doll and the one opposite is listening to a young girl’s interview of Justin Bieber).

It is a 1996 Honda Accord that owes me no favours (but it better keep going just a while longer! please!)

 We bought it in 2000 for $20,000 and it’s now worth more like $200. And has done 320,000km. And only needs oil once a year!

It’s a good car. The passenger wing mirror casing has been broken for a while and the windscreen has a few stone chips but I keep thinking its not worth paying the two lots of $400 to get them fixed because the car might cark it tomorrow.

(I wish those girls would get a set of headphones!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay here comes the librarian in the nice shirt 🙂 )

That’s it. I’m off for a walk down the street. Three sets of speakers playing Justin Bieber, star doll and a music video all at the same time is too much for me.

Can’t wait to sit in my car and listen to my 80s cassettes in my old stereo. Sad.







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