Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 2, 2010

Te Radar does Takapau

Did you know Te Radar’s name is Andrew?

If you get the chance to see Te Radar’s “Eating the Dog” show touring the country – do it! Not just because it’s a fundraiser for schools, scouts and guides, but because it’s brilliant. Best $25 you’ll spend for a while (especially if Women’s Institute ladies are offering homemade soup for supper at the show you go to! Very tasty.)

About 300 packed the old Takapau Town Hall for Te Radar’s visit (was there anyone still at home? Yep – my friend’s husband looking after our kids!)

Te Radar is funny, not PC and gives a great insight into some great (and pretty obscure) kiwi history. Most of them related back to our fighting, self-preservation, she’ll-be-right, number8 wire attitude.

Thanks Te Radar, haven’t laughed so much for a long time.

Listen to an interview with Jamie on The Farming Show. Follow the archives link to July 30 and click on Te Radar.

He’s in the South Island for a while this month – here’s his calendar.

Photo stolen from above website 🙂



  1. We are hosting Radar while he’s in Riverton and are eagerly looking foward to his show.
    He’s stayed with us before, while filming in our orchard and we really enjoyed his company – he’s relaxed and quick off the mark.
    The local show will be a memorable one for our little town we are sure.

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