Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 1, 2010

wherefore art thou tsunami?

Rest assured, no-one in Takapau ws hiding from a tsunami yesterday (I can’t tell you how many times I have typed tsumani in the  past 24 hours – where’s my auto correct?!)

If Takapau gets a wash, the rest of the country is in dire straits.

But it was surprising how many people did heed the warnings – people at CHB beaches returning home early from a weekend of sun and surf – just in case.

If our old crib at Kinloch (yes, that’s crib not bach, because it is at the South Island Kinloch!) was next to the sea instead of the lake we would have been history in the old days – when you went on holiday to the middle of nowhere you were literally cut off from the rest of the world in blissful ignorance of what was going on elsewhere. We were lucky if the old K9 on the bench would give us snowy crackling news at 6pm (a. Mum and Dad couldn’t survive without someone telling them what the weather had been or was going to be; b. back in the day when there was only news at 6pm; c. we were waterskiing – who cares!) The same must apply to those enjoying the solitary crash of the waves up the East Coast or those sitting on the deck at Akitio or Herbertville or Blackhead with their book (or the dude diving for paua at Waimarama who had a fun time with the surge that did arrive that repeatedly swept him over the rocks and then back off again – lucky).

It was even more surprising how many people in the likes of Wellington and Auckland (I pick on those places cos that’s where the TV cameras were) who ventured down to the beach to have a look. The woman who blithely told a police officer she had her flippers in her handbag. For goodness sake. These people should have a civil defence equivalent of a medical DNR stamped  on their forehead (do not resuscitate – in times of emergency – leave this person to drown in their own tsunami).

Only a few weeks ago we were talking about the anniversary of the 1931 earthquake that devastated Hawke’s Bay.  Spare a thought for all those people in Concepcion and across Chile who no longer have homes, or even worse, have lost members of their family and community.

Here are some more photos showing collapsed roadways and bridges, one huge building split in the middle with both sides on a 45deg angle away from each other, people searching the rubble….

 While we look out the window at a beautiful, still, sunny day, remember those who aren’t so lucky (sorry Mum – I know you’re facing a heavy rain warning in Fiordland!)

Added comment: Please don’t think I am being blase about a disaster. I really feel for what the people are going through over there and hope I never have to experience it myself. See what my friend Ele has to say about the disaster being close to home






  1. Re your DNR: friends didn’t know anything about the tsunami warning until they got to a beach and were told about it by a couple who had gone there to watch it.

  2. Yes but did they leave again once they knew? The DNR comment was directed at the people who went to look in response to the warnings, not those who didn’t know.

  3. I sat on the beach knowing about the tsunami and wondered if Lake Wakatipu would breath a bit more than the 6 inches (15 cm) that it does every 20 minutes or so. Kinloch survived and the lake didn’t alter!!

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