Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 22, 2009

the week that was

A good sporting week has been had (by me, anyway).

Victorious in my club champs final on Monday (albeit only Junior B but I was nine up with eight to play and you can’t get much better than that!) and shot 110 gross (108 adjusted thanks to two blowouts!) on Wednesday, which combined with a semifinal win in the Olga’s Trophy (not sure what that is, but I might find out if I beat the next lady next week).

It certainly all helps with the handicap – 36.1 as we speak but if I look on the internet tomorrow, with any luck, it will say 35 point something!!!!

 Then I had a damn good game of tennis tonight, putting into place all the volleying (and even one awesome smash) taught in tennis aerobics through the winter. But there were a few big shots that flew out of the cuckoo’s nest (still trying to put my friend Kim’s tips into action).

And another good night was had by all at the clubrooms afterwards – luckily the rain hit about 5 minutes after Deb and I lost the second set (we won the first)!

I’m sitting at the computer in my living room and the house is peaceful, just the sound of the rain pattering on the roof. Whoops, and the washing machine beeping it’s finished cycle. At least I don’t have to get uniforms dry by tomorrow. Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day, followed by Labour Weekend, followed by a teachers only day on Tuesday. Lamb and calf day on Thursday and we’re one week closer to Christmas.

How the hell did that happen?!


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