Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 20, 2009

Making a profit?

It really annoys me that our Government wants a dollar return from organisations like AgResearch.

According to an article I have just read, AgResearch is having to find work from overseas in order to meet Government demands for a 9% dividend (

We need money to be put into our own research and development so NZ can continue (get back to) being a world leader in the thing we do best – converting grass to meat and milk. To find new markets or products for our wool, to add value to our sheep and beef carcases, to grow more grass without polluting our waterways. And how do we try to do all that? By spending money on research – research that may or may not give results straight away. Isn’t that the way of science… try and try and try… do you think Ernest Rutherford blew up a few bunsen burners before he split the atom?


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