Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 6, 2009

And day #3 has begun

Day three in the Otawhao/Whenuahou armed offenders callout. 

Mr gunman crashed his car about 4pm on Sunday, shot at farm workers up the road at about 5pm and hasn’t been seen since. 

We’re geographically challenged – this area, which I call Central Hawke’s Bay, has been called southern HB, Tararua, north of Dannevirke, north east of Palmerston North, and lower North Island.  There’s no confusion at my house – we’re half way between Takapau and Norsewood, which is half way between Dannevirke (Tararua) and Waipukurau (CHB), which is half way between Palmerston North (Manawatu) and Hastings (Hawke’s Bay), which, if you held your head on a funny angle and squinted your eyes, is probably close enough to half way between Auckland and Wellington (okay, maybe Hamilton and Wellington!)

Okay, next advice, look on a blimming map. 🙂

Google earth has kept us amused – sussing out all the gunman’s hiding places.

We’ve had cop cars and helicopters and all manner of media patrolling the roads around us and still he evades capture.

One single shot was heard yesterday afternoon (this is unconfirmed – I don’t know anyone yet who heard it) so maybe the situation is actually over already, they just haven’t found the body.

If he’s not curled up in a haybarn somewhere, he will be a very sad man as it has been cold, wet, atrocious weather for the past three days.

I will update this post during the day.

Come on AOS – you can do it!


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