Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 11, 2009

It’s the little things that count…

Yellow was the order of the day today as my children’s school celebrates the birthday of Roald Dahl, whose favourite colour was yellow.

Sarah was resplendent in her yellow sunflower hat and a frilly yellow shirt (with black skivvy and black trousers because that is “so effective”) and highlighted finger nails with clear polish over the top.

Imagine Lachlan’s disappointment when he realises he doesn’t own anything yellow.

Having dished out the pennies for the mufti day yellows ($1), face painting ($1), homemade  lemonade (50c ) and Roald Dahl quiz (10c) , Lachlan solemnly handed me back the $1 coin that would enable him to wear yellow.  He looked so disappointed that I whispered to him that he could put the $1 in his pocket money wallet as it wasn’t his fault he didn’t have any yellow clothes. The pure joy on his face as he whispered “thank you Mum” with wide-open eyes of delight was absolutely priceless.

Priceless too was the discovery about two minutes before the school bus was due of a yellow Pak-n Save bag. Lachlan pounced on the suggestion of a makeshift top. Even more priceless was the mischievous and delightful look of glee on his face when he realised the front of his new costume were the words “absolutely unbeatable”.

I tell you, he walked onto that bus with the best costume ever.

And I returned to the house with a very contented smile.

It’s the little things that count – who said plastic bags were a scourge of modern-day society.  Not Lachlan.


Sarah and Lachlan after Roald Dahl "yellow" day at school

Sarah and Lachlan after Roald Dahl "yellow" day at school



  1. Wot about the $1?? I just love reading your blogs!!!

    • Thank you Maree. I offered to give him another dollar but he was happy to take the one out of his wallet!

  2. And nice to see son #1 wearing red and black under that yellow! I’ll give you a dollar just for that Lachlan!

    • It’s hard when Takapau colours are the same as Canterbury!!

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