Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 16, 2009

How stupid can you be?

Would you walk into a bank with no disguise, pick up a whole lot of cash from the counter and walk back out again?

If the police don’t catch this guy, picture below copied from the NZ Herald website, they are seriously disorganised.

brazen bank robber
brazen bank robber

Some of us wouldn’t walk into a bank and steal money at all, disguise or no disguise, but it’s not good when it’s this brazen. Why do people think they can get away with it?

And it probably all went to buy P.
My windfall is going to come from Lotto. One day. I like the idea of Power Ball. I like the idea of winning a few million dollars. Even a few thousand dollars. Heck, even 5th division 30 bucks would be nice. At least that would pay for next week’s ticket.
And no-one will know it’s me because I buy online.  All of a sudden Takapau will have an influx of money – some floodlights and a couple more astros for the tennis club, new playground and lots of gizmos for the school, improved facilities for the Health Centre, a golf driving range at the golf club so I can improve my game (it’s all about me).
Speaking of golf, I’m hoping tomorrow will be better than last week. We played in the middle of a howling southerly and I don’t want to do that again! Playing in the rain is one thing, playing the wind is another. Both is just mighty pain in the arrrrrrrse, as Paul Henry would say. And suffice to say it was my worst score in a year.
My tennis is no better. Still, netball season starts soon and then I can blame a loss on six other people instead of just myself!

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