Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 24, 2009

who needs vodka

Who needs vodka when you can buy fizzy water at a third of the price?

We had a drink after our tennis meeting last night – the first was one of those lemon and lime vodka ready to drink bottles. It was okay, but nothing fancy.  The next drink, a can of Aqa (flavoured fizzy water), was divine.

Vodka hasn’t been my friend since an occasion about 20 years ago – don’t we all have that one drink that we will never stomach again?! (add Drambuie to my list – yuk!)

So I’m converted. I can be completely mad all by myself without the help of alcohol.  Aqa it is. But not the orange flavour, it’s like a bad pinto. Last night’s  pineapple took some getting used to but lime is first choice.  

We had a discussion about wine too. What varieties are preferred and when.  Daylight savings for me – white in summer and red in winter.  Easy.

Not sure if an entire blog should be written about alcohol so it must be time to continue by research on the Waipawa Municipal Theatre and it’s wonderful redevelopment.

Coffee is the drink of choice today.




  1. “don’t we all have that one drink that we will never stomach again?!”

    I haven’t drunk either bacardi or coke since 1975.

  2. Well this blog has had some clicks today in light of the death of an Auckland teenager over the weekend from drinking a bottle of vodka. My thoughts go out to his family. I guess that night I speak about so flippantly in my distant past (I was one year older than the boy who died) could have had the same result. I am very thankful it did not.

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