Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 23, 2009

well that’s good news

The Government is providing more funding for Plunketline.

According to the Radio NZ website, the extended service (to 24/7)  is being funded through a grant of $3.75 million over 15 months to the end of March next year (although the story also said parentline, I think it’s Plunketline).

John Key and his band of merry men (and the awesome Paula and others) have made some good decisions in the past few months. Going back to basics for things like this is perfect.  Now double the number of Plunket Nurses out there in the big wide world and children will hopefully start to get a little safer because their parents will be taught how to care for their new ones.  Some mothers don’t automatically know, obviously, if you look at the stats.

We have to start with the babies and work our way up through the system. 

That’s all from me this morning. I was supposed to be getting a hair cut and colour but when I turned up and apologised for being a bit late they laughed and told me I was early – a week early! It doesn’t matter who got it wrong (them of course) but it certainly frees up today’s work plan!





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