Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 16, 2009

Oh no, visitors are coming!

Great. Shattered from watching Grey’s Anatomy until 10.30pm last night and I have a soon-to-be-bride coming to visit me at 10am. House is a mess. Office hasn’t been cleaned since well before Christmas deadlines.

But what the hell – that’s me every day!

Unlike every other day though, I rushed like blue-arsed-fly (don’t ask me where I got that saying from, or, in fact, I probably have it completely wrong which wouldn’t be unlike me either) and cleaned up the kitchen mess by 9am, the bathroom by 9.15am (no hygiene tests please – this was just in case she needed to go to the toilet while she was visiting) and luxed the office (that’s hoovering or vacuuming for those non Southlanders reading this blog).

By 10am the coffee was brewing (and she asked for a cup of tea) and I was casually wiping months of moth bits off the window ledge.

No problems.

I must admit it’s nice having a tidy office. Actually no it’s not. Now I can see the folders of work I’m supposed to be doing.

And the good news is, Mrs Cleaner comes tomorrow and she’ll put my hygiene issues right.

Mr Hubby organised for the Board of Trustees and staff of our school to come here for the annual function  on Friday night and he’s away Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Grr. At least I don’t have to cook anything – it’s shared. I might be first to open a wine anyway though.

Totally off conversation, the new addition to the family is trying to make friends or otherwise with a toy kangaroo in the corner which is slightly distracting. At least he’s not attacking my toes today (learnt that lesson – wearing shoes today).

Shadow is his name. Sheer smooth black. Shadow when he’s sleeping. Psycho Shadow the rest of the time.  He goes mental when the kids get off the bus. And when we’ve been away at something after school he saves the psycho personality transplant for when the kids go to bed – the slightest movement of any body part is enough to make him pounce.

But you’re not getting a photo. Not yet anyway. I have enough photos of the two kittens we’ve buried in the shrubbery after getting run over on the road. This one doesn’t look like a possum (the last two were fluffy) so let’s see if we can get it to reach puberty.

It will have another bunch of brothers and sisters soon. A friend agreed to take the cat of another friend who was moving to Aussie. Several weeks later they discovered it was pregnant (with PS and siblings).

And now….. “oh, you should be safe waiting until after she’s finished feeding to get her spayed,” says the vet.

Yeah right.  Here we go again.

Anyone want a kitten?


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