Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 30, 2008

Happy Birthdays

We sent a really cool birthday video to my brother-in-law the other day but he can’t open it. Hate that.

Just in case you can’t open the link, Sarah and Lachlan were primed ready to burst forth with song when Lachlan fell off the block box he was standing on. In true performer style, the show went on. But he did it again and the giggles could not be controlled!

Okay, there’s no link. It’s Nokia Media Player (from the cellphone) and I can’t get it to come on screen. Hate that too. I might go back to bed and start the day again!

We went to my god daughter’s first birthday in Wellington at the weekend. What a trip. After travelling to Pohangina for an interview on Friday (three hours in the car), the kids and I piled back in after school and drove to Carterton to stay the night with some rellies (and who they are is another great story that I will save for another day).

The wind on the Rimutakas on Saturday morning was horrendous so it was a bit of a worry (and a giggle, I must admit) to think about my friend Sarah flying into Wellington Airport. That can be a will-inspiring moment on a good day so I text her just before she left Rotorua to tell her we would pray for her!!! She replied with a message to note where all the wine shops were near the airport because she might be needing them when she landed (and if the plane went down, to identify her from the bright pink crocs she had bought specifically for the honour of shaming Wellington Wearable Arts fashion victims (we were lucky to get a motel unit with all those arty people in town).

Anyway, I digress (I should get a special insertion button for that phrase).

After driving around the airport waiting for Sarah to come out (beats paying $1000 a minute for its carparking fees) amidst yells from the kids about where and when I couldn’t park (I almost gave them to a parking attendant) we finally made contact and headed for Johnsonville (through two tunnels, which was pretty cool).

My #3 god daughter Tara has just turned one (her big brother Zackary is almost three).  She liked me and my present (a colourful, squashy and very suckable thingie) was one of the favs. Cool fairy godmother!

Tara on her first birthday with my present!

Tara on her first birthday with my present!

The fairy godmother tag goes back to Sarah and Lachlan’s christening when FGMs Sarah and Emma arrived with fairy wings and wands. FGMs Sarah and Emma are my Sarah’s god mothers. Big Sarah is Zackary’s godmother and I am Tara’s. That wasn’t too bad after all. I am also godmother to Libby Handford, Lachlan’s godmother Tracie’s daughter. Get that one?!!!! She’s just turned two and lives in Alexandra. And then there’s Olivia, who is three, and lives in Central HB. When will one of my friends give me a godson to even out the score? Now I know how Dad felt with four girls!

Well that was digression in its purest form. The weekend in Wellington was great and I was very grateful to FGM Sarah for being the recipient of a full glass of red wine on the carpet during the rugby as Emma has one Cantabrian eye firmly stuck on her forehead and the Magpies were getting thrashed. Great distraction. And we got the stain out! For the record, pour copious amounts of salt first to soak up the liquid. Then pour copious amounts of white wine on top of the stain to draw out the colour (a Jacob’s Creek chardonnay was chosen for this honour). Then pat with dry cloths until almost dry and apply proper carpet stain remover. Refill glass with a deep Hawke’s Bay red. Done. You’d never know.

So after driving back from Wellington on Sunday, we did a load of washing and drove to Gisborne. And there the kids have remained for the week with Grandma. I did three interviews and the monthly Pak’n’Save shop on the way back yesterday (see, I do work).

I have just caught the weather on Breakfast on TVOne. Snow likely in the lower South Island and I’m wearing my shorts to golf. Haha.


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