Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 7, 2008

A long week

Here I am, Friday morning, in desperate need of a strong coffee, a glass of wine, a good laugh and a massage – in no particular order. Okay, wine first. Let go of my arm.

It hasn’t been a particularly stressful week, but it has been a long one. Monday was at least a fortnight ago. If you read Master Chef the other day, you’ll realise why hubby going away to a conference turns my evenings upside down. And life doesn’t slow down just because you’re a temporary solo parent (reiterate respect for those who do it alone all the time, but who can probably cook).

Annual meeting of the local sports grounds on Monday night (I’m netball and squash, but walked away unscathed without another position – hurray), netball practice Tuesday, PTA meeting on Wednesday (after golf, I might add), all day meeting in Napier yesterday (work!) and to top things off, kids didn’t put sweatshirts or footwear on after neighbour took them swimming in town after school and they both woke up with Niagara Falls on their noses. Sigh.

And Friday’s my busy day. And I have a deadline next week. Somewhere in that list I’ve written a dozen stories for a DomPost farming feature. Last week I did about 400km doing all the interviews. Sigh.

Annoyingly, I have no one to blame but myself. Mr Keen, one of my senior teachers at high school, for not making me listen to him when he put on one school report “spreads herself too thinly over all of her activities”. I don’t remember anything else about my reports but that has stuck in my mind because it’s so frustratingly true and has continued to “haunt” me in my adult life.

Haunt is probably too strong. I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. I love all the things I do and they make me the person I am. You know the saying ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person”.

So, I’m off into my office (the heater should be working by now) with strong coffee and glass of wine in hand (only kind-of-joking) to do some work. I’m off again at lunchtime for Sarah’s netball practice, PTA banking, assembly (where Lachlan is getting a certificate for finishing his second sticker chart), Sarah’s piano lesson and swimming lessons (both in Waipukurau on the same afternoon to save petrol money and be nice to the environment) and Subway for tea.

It’s all about me isn’t it. Roll on the weekend. I love it.


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