Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 4, 2008

Tall Poppies (and short people)

Standing at 162cm (5’3″) I am not one of the world’s smallest people. Nor am I breaking any records for being the tallest. Just in the middle. That’s me. Average. And loving it.

We’re all good at some things and not at others. Some people break records while other people write about it. Some people make records while other people write about it. I like writing. I like doing what I do. So I thought I would take the plunge and talk about myself, after Freelance Market ( asked me if I would be Miss July – the profile in the latest edition.

I wrote about myself for an hour (not a hard chore) and then got in such a state about whether or not it was any good that I had to send it to another journalist friend to critique. Which she did (thank you). And today it is published. I can no longer go through it, refining it, making myself sound good, which quite frankly, wouldn’t do me any favours because I think that’s as good as I get.

(Thank goodness I don’t get this worried about all of the other people I write about.)

I am a freelancer for the freedom. Freedom to work when and how I want to not doing anything that interferes with spending out-of-school time with my children, makes me miss something important to them, or goes against any personal principles I may have lurking in the background.

My tall poppies headline comes in here. Usually I’m quite happy taking the photos and writing the stories because that means I’m behind the scenes, as opposed to being the centre of attention. Today, I’m out there for all to see.

The annoying thing is that I will probably be gutted if I don’t get any hits on my blog in the next few days.

I can’t win with me, can 1?

Speaking of tall poppies – yay the All Blacks, yay Jodie Tod in the Silver Ferns (Central Hawke’s Bay girl) and let’s cross our fingers for the rest of the world getting sick of hearing God Defend NZ from the Olympic podiums of Beijing.


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