Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | July 31, 2008

Passwords, Paddington and pollution..

“Omigod Aunty Kate’s on Bebo!” cackle my teenage nieces.

And Face Book. And My Space. And Old Friends. I’m tired out from all this social networking.

Social networking is great for keeping in touch with people you don’t see often – like old school friends or people who live in towns where you used to live. But as for meeting new people this way – no thanks. I see new faces at squash, netball, golf, tennis, school, community functions… face to face. Not facebook, face to face. Talking using your vocal chords. Smiling using your mouth and crinkling your eyes – not simply adding a smiley face :). And let’s save the discussion on text language and grammar for another day!

By the time you add sites such as internet banking, favourite shops, Ezibuy, Flybuys, AA… I have officially run out of cats and children’s names for password ideas. I actually have a plan but I’m not going to tell you for obvious reasons 🙂 .

And then you have to remember which photos you have downloaded where, download the latest Active X Control (?!) so you can upload, and meanwhile, I’m not getting any work done!

One thing that has been handy on the Internet this week though has been Sarah googling for answers for her homework (as opposed to me just telling her the answers). Her Year 3-4 class has just started a new set of weekly homework tasks. They have a sheet with 30 questions and the answers all start with the same letter (A last week, B this week etc).  Some of this week’s questions were world’s most famous band (The Beatles – she knew), short-tail monkey (baboon – she didn’t), Yogi, Paddington and Rupert are… bears! 

One of the questions was what takes oxygen around the body? We got out our My First Body Book and it said blood takes air around the body. When I asked Sarah what was in air, she replied “pollution”. Can you tell they’ve been studying China before the Olympics?


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