Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | December 3, 2012

Marlborough Sounds rocks :)

There are only a handful of places in NZ I haven’t visited. Now the Marlborough Sounds can be crossed from the list (although it might be faked in order to return one day!)

We have been on the Sounds and through the Sounds many many times on the InterIslander. But apart from short stays in Picton (including a very “entertaining” and somewhat “wet” Young Farmers conference in 1996)  I haven’t actually appreciated the true beauty of the Sounds.

Thanks to teachers Jay Bourke, Penny Sutherland and Trish Fryer (and a very cool group of parents), 50+ Year 5-8 students from Takapau and Sherwood Schools spent last week at Kiwi Ranch  Curious Cove.  After a lovely ride across the strait in the Kaitaki (stunning weather, stunning views) we had a shorter ride back in the Tira Hou to Kiwi Ranch. Some highlights:

Curious Cove from the ferry

Our first view of Curious Cove from the ferry


Sarah and I at the monument to Captain Cook at Ship’s Cove and yes, she is taller than me!


Having lunch by the jetty at Ship’s Cove


Some of the group climbed Mt Kahikatea – the high point behind the group (it looks taller when you see it in the photo above). This photo was taken in the middle of Kiwi Ranch with some of the cabins behind).


Lachlan helping Tony from Kiwi Ranch drive the Tira Hou.


One of the out-of-camp highlights – seeing the inside of the Edwin Fox at Picton


Rocky Shore walk – awesome with lots of squeals (crabs mainly) and a bag full of kina and mussels for dinner


A great in-camp experience kayaking around the bay

Of course bombing off the jetty was a fun experience!

Of course bombing off the jetty was a fun experience!

The flying fox and bush swing remain firm favourites of the kids, but I just loved being there and loved being on the launch on the Sounds. Thank you Tony and Jane and staff for the wonderful experience (especially Sam for the scallops on the boat) and the renewed enthusiasm for our lovely National Anthem.

And to end with words of a song you have heard on the telly….(thanks to 2.5 metre swells….)

“What a way to end a holiday…. spewing on the InterIslander….”



  1. Yes Kate, The Sounds ifs a fabulous place. I farmed in the northern Manawatu for 35 years and semi retired to live in this beautiful part of the country 4 years ago. But don’t tell too many people as we don’t want it to become too populated!!

    • Yes Chris, I went to Camp there. Jumping off the Jetty was bad. SALT WATER EWWW. and muscles scratching us. we got to go under the jetty!

  2. I went there 😛

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