Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 16, 2012

No topless princess please

Please do not click on links to see our future Queen topless. Just don’t. Make a stand.

Paparazzi relentlessly hounded Princess Diana, eventually leading to her death. Please give Prince William the strength to follow through on the privacy case against the magazine that took and published the Princess Kate topless photos.  And remember each and every one of the outlets that carries the photos and never give them permission to carry photos of the next heir (whenever that is, after all, those paparazzi are the same ones telling us she’s pregnant every other day).

Celebrities have chosen to be in the roles they are – actors, singers, politicians…. they all gain from media publicity (be it good or bad). But the Royal Family do not.  This is not Prince Harry romping naked in a Las Vegas Hotel (which was really  dumb and while I deplore the actions of the person who took the photos, really, he and his security guys should know better).

This is a man and a woman on holiday in a private place.

Maybe the lesson is simply to keep your breasts white or buy instant tan to get rid of unwanted lines.

This lady is the future Queen of this country and should be given the respect she deserves. She has done nothing wrong, she has held herself with dignity and courage since she met the love of her life and he happened to be a prince and the future King of the British Commonwealth.

Please, don’t look at any photos. Make your stand.


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