Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | January 13, 2012

and so 2012 is underway

Yes, 2012 has arrived. It’s hard to fathom January is almost half way through.

How did that happen? The weather hasn’t been too willing to bribe me with cool wine on a sunny beach but I have had a few awesome games of tennis despite day #2 of our annual tournament being rained off, caught a few waves and indeed, opened a few New Zealand pinot gris bottles.  The newest *like* for me is Hihi Wine‘s Gizzy Fizzy. Very drinkable (and cheaper than Lindauer Summer).

I have just booked in a couple of newspaper features for April and May and received confirmation I will again be general photographer for the 2012 Young Farmer of the Year grand final. That job is so much fun because the contestants have to do such a range of tasks in the three days.

My mum will get to see her youngest daughter several times this year – the grand final is in Dunedin, we’re going on a winter sojourn to Fiji and I’m hightailing it south again for the 150th goldfields celebrations in Queenstown. The Bryants (my mum’s family) were a force in the original settling of the area – Richard Cogar Bryant, my great great grandfather, was the town’s first police office and harbour master. Since then, my family has had an ongoing association with Kinloch at the head of the lake, where he then settled with his family.

If you are a regular to rivettingkatetaylor, you will know procrastination is one of my strong points (weaknesses?!)

So I had better return to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council possum control programme stories I am supposed to be finishing 🙂






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