Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 16, 2011

still waiting

Here I am, sitting at the dining room table, checking my Facebook status before I start my working day.

Seriously, just reading the news sites before I start writing some crap of my own.

I’m also still waiting for the local fire siren to go off… I get butterflies in my stomach every time my brain thinks about it. (I’ve often told the brain to bugger off and stop thinking so much!) Seriously, I hope the first call out is a false alarm – then I can just get on with it next time!

A controlled house fire has been offered to us next weekend – what an awesome experience that will be. The heat from a house fire will put the RFTB to shame (see the last post for more explanation). But it will be nice to know there are no people inside.

There was a great response to my firefighting news. Thank you for the comments (mostly back on FB). Sadly, Michael Laws’ alleged infidelities, Paul Henry’s resignation and the Norsewood gunman from a couple of years ago are still my top posts. What do I have to do to get to the top?

There might be a boost this afternoon. I’m on The Farming Show at lunchtime (technically, sometimes I get bumped for more important people!)

I made the mistake of sending Jamie (Mackay) an invitation to a lingerie party this weekend (which he accepted!) instead of a fellow Takapau-ite Jamie Turner so no doubt I will get a hard time about that!

Firefighters in lingerie? Not good for the reputation.

The broadcaster in me is hoping for the siren to go off in the dying seconds of the interview.

“Sorry Jamie, gotta go.”




  1. Thanks Jamie, loved the reference to foursomes, threesomes and lingerie-wearing firefighters. Not! Let’s hope none of the other members of the brigade were listening today (if you were, make sure you tell the fire chief I mentioned Kintail Honey on nationwide radio…. forget the rest).

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