Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 19, 2011

I love Boundary Stream

Don’t we all have a conservation gem on our backdoor step that we think we should visit more often?

For me and I believe for many Hawke’s Bay people, this applies to the Department of Conservation’s Boundary Stream Scenic Reserve and the nearby Tutira Country Park (Hawke’s Bay Regional Council).

I will get more written about this over the next few days, I hope, but basically Boundary Stream is a mainland island sanctuary and includes half a dozen tracks ranging from easy and short to high level of fitness required.  It has Shine Falls, Bell Rock and the Lake Opouahi kiwi creche. At this time of year, the birdsong is phenomenal.

If you want native birds around, especially tui, the moral of the story is to plant kowhai.

I’m gutted – I have to pay $60 for an upgrade to get my own video on here! Unless I upload to YouTube first and then link. Okay. Coming soon…… (now is later so here they are)



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