Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 8, 2011

Thousands raised at charity stock sale

No words of wisdom from me today. I have just got home from the morning leg of  “bike-to-school Tuesday” and now have to go back in the car with provisions as PTA is catering a funeral at lunchtime.

Thsi press release from Young Farmers today…. thought I’d share…. about its North Otago clubs coming together to hold a stock sale at the Waiareka Sale Yards yesterday. They made the call to local farmers and Members to donate stock and were pretty overwhelmed by the response.

“North Otago District Chairman Greig Moore was shocked at the amount of livestock donated (240 sheep and 72 cattle) and the money they managed to raise.

“I came into this thinking we’d make about $10,000 – not quite half way through it I started to think we were going to blow it out of the water.”

 And blow it out of the water they did. Over $68,000 was raised with every cent to go straight to the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Fund.

 Greig said that a lot of people turned out for the sale and the stock went for much higher than the usual sale price. Prime ewes sold for $184, prime lambs went for $180 and prime cattle averaged at a price of $944.77.

 “One person ended up selling an angus steer for over $1300 alone.”

 Greig says that thanks must be made to those that donated and bought stock and also to several trucking companies: North Otago Transport, Rural Transport, Mainland Agri Transport, Waimate Transport and Bennett Transport all donated their cartage for free.

Stock agents also gave their services for free: PGG Wrightson and Whitestone Livestock Stock Agents waived their commissions for the sale.”



  1. My farmer reckons it’s the first time in more than 40 years at the Waiareka sale that he’s been among buyers who haven’t minded paying high prices.

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