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Young Farmers get in there

In days gone by, Christchurch was my home. I didn’t grow up there but turned pub-age there (it was 20 back then!) and served an internship at Canterbury Television (at its old building, not the one that fell down).

I was also a member of West Melton Young Farmers at the time. It’s great to see Young Farmers getting stuck in alongside the student army of volunteers. Of course YF come complete with farm machinery and tractors, which are no doubt a strange site on residential streets (but no stranger than tonnes and tonnes of silt aye?)

stolen from NZ Young Farmers facebook page

Just one of the mammoth tasks following the Feb22 quake is to remove huge amounts of silt and sand from private properties. The Christchurch City Council has set the goal to have all private homes cleared of mess from liquefaction by the end of the week

NZ Young Farmers is calling on its extensive network of past and present members to help reach this goal, aid in the clean-up and bring a little hope to the residents of Christchurch. Volunteers are being asked to donate their time tomorrow and Thursday.


NZYF member Lisa Chapman is helping to coordinate the Federated Farmers-led relief effort and says that more volunteers are needed. She says there are alot of people out there who want to help but don’t know the best way to go about it.


“Come to the A&P grounds, sign up and we’ll point you in the right direction. It’s really rewarding and good to know that you’re making a difference in people’s lives following a very traumatic experience,” she said in a NZYF press release.


Volunteers are asked to call NZYF National Office to advise of their desire to help and then register at the Canterbury A&P Showgrounds any day this week by 10am, with a focus on Wednesday and Thursday for major clean-up days. For those wishing to stay at the Showgrounds, a tent and sleeping bag is needed, food will be provided but volunteers should bring as much drinking water as possible. Volunteers are also being asked to bring shovels and strong wheelbarrows; small tractors and diggers are also needed.


Pendarves Club chair Matt Whiteman has been helping out with the relief effort too. Matt doesn’t know anyone badly affected by the quake but just wanted to help the people of Christchurch.


“People are just so stoked to have us there, they can’t quite believe that people from all walks of life have just come together to help – they’re just overwhelmed by the support. “Some of these areas are pretty devastated and it’s a big task ahead of us so we can always do with more help. If you’re able to give a day or two of your time; get in touch with NZYF and make a difference.”


The Young Farmers press release went on to say: For those who might be unable to assist with the physical labour but still want to help; Selwyn District Council also needs volunteers to accompany building inspectors as welfare officers. Every house in East Christchurch needs to be visited and the welfare officer’s role is to check on how people are doing for at least the next two weeks.




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