Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 1, 2011

travelling alone

Most of my travelling around Europe and the UK was done with a friend.

The day she flew out back to NZ, I turned in the airport and said to thin air… well, thought to myself… “well, mmmm, yes, well, um, I guess I’d better go somewhere then”.

It felt weird. Weird to be alone… weird to not have anyone to talk to and weird to make my own decisions on my own.

But good to be alone… good to not have anyone to talk to and good to make my own decisions on my own.

When my husband and I were on the Sunshine Coast and he was getting in a spot of golf (before I started playing) I would sit at cafes and watch people go past, watch the cafe staff at work, watch the other patrons. When I had enough of that scene, I would read my book a little then move to another cafe and order another coffee! Good way to spend four hours enjoying your own company (and good coffee with one smoothie in between to slow the heartbeat from too much caffeine!)  and soaking in the atmosphere around you.

I have just read this column on the stuff website called travelling solo and happy.

I recommend it. It made me smile and it made me what to do my OE all over again. Well, maybe just a walk down the road for now 🙂


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