Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | December 1, 2010

on the radio again

My blog always spikes when I’m on The Farming Show with Jamie Mackay – I’ve yet to beat the days when the Norsewood gunman was on the loose, Michael Laws was naughty or Paul Henry shot his mouth off, but it’s nice to know some new people get to read the witty tribulations of rivettingkatetaylor (aside from my mum and sisters of course).

Seriously, I do have a little following of my own in web blog land. I float around in my own little rural paradise bubble and anyone is welcome to come and join me anytime they wish πŸ™‚

While waiting for Jamie to phone today, I was looking at my facebook page reminding myself what feedback there was on there after my offal blog.

There were photos from my 2nd cousins who recently spent yet another weekend up at my most favourite place in the whole world (apart from my bed on a cold night with the leccy blankie on). (whoops, silly me, I’ve told the South Islanders it’s neeeever cold in Hawke’s Bay…)

Anyway, (after I get all jealous about the freedom of these young cousins to tootle off to Kinloch jetboating every other weekend…lol) my fave place is Kinloch. Lake Wakatipu’s Kinloch not the North Island Taupo version. The two are nothing alike. Taupo Kinloch is far too organised and well supplied. Wakatipu Kinloch has a dozen houses/cribs (no! not baches! they’re in the South Island so I’m allowed to call them cribs…) and the lake and the bush and the mountains and the birds and the occasional roar of the Dart River jet boats and their screaming (with delight) passengers.

Photo taken by cousin Alana from one of the top cribs at Kinloch. For those not in the know, Queenstown is away as far down the lake as you can go, then left. The the lake goes right again down to Kingston.

If I could close my eyes right now and be anywhere in the world, it would be Kinloch. (well, maybe if flights and accommodation were thrown in, and the odd native, I might consider the Greek Islands….)

Sitting on the wharf (built by my great grandfather – mum, one great or two there?) with a cold chardonnay in one hand and a fishing rod in the other (preferably with a pile of trout beside me as well).

Kinloch was first settled by Richard Cogar Bryant (he’s the great great… and he was also Queenstown’s first Harbour Master!) But my family history is a story for another day.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I need to get ready to help with Takapau junior tennis.

I just did a search to see if I had talked about Kinloch before (I have!) including in this blog but it’s all about me – more sick-making than talking about offal πŸ™‚

We also talked about the Raurimu Spiral from a blog I did the other day about “taking the scenic route“.



  1. If you were a Nelsonian (Nelson is in the South Island btw), it’s batch no question!

  2. Or bach , you chose πŸ™‚

  3. Love it!!!!

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