Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 12, 2010

police pursuits and athletics

According to a story this morning, police have been told to stop using the words “pursuit” or “chase” and instead refer to “fleeing drivers” in media communications.

So they should. I am sick of police getting the blame for stupid drivers thinking they can outrun the police without anyone getting hurt (with condolences to those who have lost innocent family members in one of these crashes). The police shouldn’t have to pull out of a “chase” as then everyone will just try to drive away from them all the time.

Don’t do anything wrong and you won’t be scared of the police pulling you over!

Off to school athletics day today – the sun is shining and my kids look great dressed in blue (go Matua!)

I don’t remember having houses at primary school but at Blue Mountain College blue was McKellar. I was red for Pinkerton. They were all good Southland names – yellow for Robertson (Maree) and green for Quin (Tania). Keri and I were in Pinkerton. They had previously put family members in different houses but about the time I started they put family members together . By that stage Tania had already left high school so Pinkerton it was for me.

It wasn’t that strong when we started at Takapau School but one of the teachers a couple of years ago decided to push it a little more and now they sit in houses in assembly instead of classes and good behaviour in class and on the playground can earn you house points.  It’s getting competitive out there!

Competitive is good!


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