Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | October 1, 2010

looking for Kate Taylor….

A person commented on my blog a couple of days ago – another Kate Taylor – who had found me quite by accident and liked what I had to say.

She was on a library computer while hers was “down” and googling to find her blog website.

It’s quite fun to google your own name and see what comes up (and no, I am not the Kate Taylor who writes erotic sex books in the UK.  I have trouble with the heaving bosoms of Mills and Boon (actually I’ve never read one, so I take that back)… where was I…)

I’m intrigued by the number of times someone has done a WordPress search for TVNZ journalist Catherine Wedd in the past wee while though.  Certainly, within a day of her “breaking” a story on the inducing of calves – a practice I don’t condone, but it is already being phased out of NZ farming after being common practice for some for many years (my blog about that here) 

So I wasn’t surprised when there was another search for her name on WordPress after she did another story on calf induction this week.

I’m not going to talk any more about the story. I am not going to give this horrible practice any more light of day. I am not going to blacken the name of NZ farming by highlighting the dirty practices of a few (what they are doing is still legal I might add, just not very nice). I am not inviting further comment from my favourite southern greenie.

What I am going to do, and have already made the contact with one of the right people, is follow this story up in a few months time, to make sure those farmers who were inducing calves this year have put the feeding regime and management plans in place to lessen the need for it next year.

Not sensationalise it. Just make sure the industry is getting rid of the practice like  it says it is.


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